KB SDA — Free First Class

Starting, Mar 17 at 11 am NY / 8pm Dubai, KB will teach 3 live weekend classes focused on CISCO SDA technology. Attend the first class, which covers overview of SDA and controller based networking as well as SDA components and their roles, for free. Purchase the Live Class here: https://kbits.live/buy



Khawar Butt offers detailed coverage of Cisco's SDA, its components and implementations. Only class on the internet that offers practice time on a physical rack! You will be able to bring up a Campus Network using the SDA Architecture from Scratch. This will include the Onboarding of the Fabric Devices like the Border Node, Control Plane Node and the Fabric Edge Nodes. The Onboarding will be configured using the Manual and the LAN Automation mechanisms. You will Integrate DNAC with ISE. You will configure Macro & Micro Segmentation. L2 & L3 Extensions will also be covered.

What’s included

  • Classes run from Mar 17 to Mar 31, 2024 at 11am NY / 8pm Dubai time

  • The detailed online LIVE classes will last 4-5 hours each

  • The Course Workbook includes 37 labs

  • Each Lab will be demonstrated

  • 20 hours in 4 hour blocks of physical rack access (Only class on the internet with this feature!)

  • The class videos will be made available for later viewing


Subscribers sign-in for $350