Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

    What are the differences between KB Full Access, KB Plus and KB Learn subscriptions?

    There are 3 types of subscriptions on our platform:

    KB Full Access: It is the right choice for anyone looking to fast-track their CCIE journey and career growth, it is also our best value for money product that we offer. KB Full Access gives you access to ALL the CCIE live classes & bootcamps that are conducted by Mr. Khawar Butt directly and their recordings as well as all the associated resources (workbooks, class notes, lab topologies and EVE-NG files where applicable). List of all the courses is below:

    1. Full CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Class and Super Lab (live class + multiple batches)
    2. Full CCIE Security Class and Super Lab (live class + multiple batches)
    3. Full CCIE SP (live class + multiple batches)
    4. Full CCDE Class (live class + multiple batches)
    5. Full CCIE Datacenter Class (live class + multiple batches)
    6. Megalab (live class + multiple batches)
    7. ISE+ bootcamp (live class + multiple batches)
    8. Network Automation with Python Bootcamp (live class + multiple batches)

    In addition you our entire video library consisting of over 900 videos. On top of that each student that buys KB Full Access gets access to lab practice hours, which today includes the following:

    1. 40 hours of KCloud (our EVE-NG simulator) including SD-WAN
    2. 20 hours of SDA on our physical rack
    3. 20 hours of Mega Lab on our rack
    4. 24 hours of CCIE EI SuperLab on our rack

    KB Plus: KB Plus is the best option for students who want to focus on self study at their own pace and have a good understanding of the basics of various concepts. With KB Plus you get access to our video library and class recordings and resources but not to live classes and lab practice hours. In addition KB Plus gives you a 60 - 80 % discount from list prices on purchasing CCIE Live Classes. You can find recordings to courses from classes listed below:

    1. Full CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Class (multiple batches) 2 CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Super Lab (multiple batches)
    2. Full CCIE Security Class (multiple batches) 4 CCIE Security Super Lab
    3. Full CCIE SP & CCDE Class (multiple batches)
    4. Full CCIE Datacenter Class (multiple batches)
    5. Megalab (multiple batches)
    6. ISE+ bootcamp (multiple batches)
    7. Network Automation with Python Bootcamp

    KB Learn: KB Learn is our CCNA and CCNP level package where you get access to on demand videos which have been pre-recorded and cover topics at the level of CCNA and CCNP exams. You can find included topics here:

    If you want to learn more about our subscription plans, and how the platform works, watch this webinar:

    How to purchase a Subscription?

    To buy subscription on, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the buy page thru this link:

    2. Select which subscription do you want to buy

    3. Press the subscribe button, and then fill all the fields. Remember your account will be created for the email you provided us during this step.

    4. After the payment is done, your account will be ready to use in 30-45 min.

    What is the difference between subscription and course?

    Course provides access to Live Classes, Recorded Video sessions, Workbook, lab topologies, EVE-NG files where applicable and all the notes that are being shared during the classes. For subscriptions please see the answer above.

    How does one log into the platform after completing a purchase?

    After finishing your payment, our system will need around 30-40 minutes to grant you access to the platform.

    After allowing the system sufficient time, in order to log into the platform, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your email and code sent to the email in your inbox.
    3. Once logged in, navigate to the "Videos" tab on the top right corner of the page.
    4. From the dropdown menu, select the class you wish to watch.
    5. This will take you to the dedicated class page where you will find all videos and resources for the class.
    6. On the main login page, you will also find a link to join the live class. This link will become active 15 minutes before the class starts.
    For how long will I be able to access the content that I have purchased?

    All purchases on the platform provide access for a duration of one year. So if you bought access to a course, you will have access to materials for a year.

    Does KBITS.LIVE provide virtualised (EVE-NG based) rack rentals?

    KBITS.LIVE does offer rack rentals through its proprietary KCloud setup which allows students to practise their learnings. To learn more about KCloud, please refer to the following forum threads:

    We strongly recommend that you go through these threads prior to purchasing and using KCloud as it contains all details including avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes which end up wasting the purchased practice hours.

    Does KBITS offer racks other than KCloud?

    Yes we do!

    We offer access to our physical rack, which can be used to practise SDA (DNAC) labs, MegaLab, and the Enterprise Infrastructure and Security SuperLabs. Please note that access to the physical rack is only meant for students of KBITS.LIVE, we do not offer access to the rack to non-students. The price of the rack is $150 for 20 hours. Please contact support ( If you would like to purchase access to the physical rack.

    How can I change my login details?

    If you want to change your account credentials, you have to contact our support team at, and they will help you with your request.

    How can I learn more about the incoming class?

    We send out an email to our mailing list a week before the launch of a new class. In addition, you can also check out our calendar, which we update once the schedule of a class is finalised:

    At the launch of a class, we always make the first class free which you can join here:

    You can also use the page above to view previous launch classes for various courses.

    The webinars/free classes are excellent resources to learn about the outline of a course and all the content that will be taught in it. In addition, it is also a great way to get a feel of Khawar’s world renowned teaching style!