I finally obtained my CCIE Security #62459. I took KB’s annual pass and still use notes whenever I need to brush up on a technology I have not used for a while or whenever we are deploying new Cisco technology. Loved KB classes, very well done, concise, and informative. If anyone asks me I give them your name as the study material to use and tell them to get the annual pass. It is the best deal around !!!

Mark D. Rametta

CCIE Security #62459

  • Today I completed the 350-401 exam to get my CCNP Enterprise Cert. A little too close for comfort... Can’t forget Khawar Butt, the explanation of OSPF and LSA types!! Amazing!

  • I really enjoyed Khawar's Mega Lab and this is probably the 4th course I've taken with Khawar. I liked the idea of a comprehensive lab with multiple technologies that mirrors what you'd see at work. It gives me a great opportunity to brush up on my weaker areas. Khawar has a great teaching style that I really enjoy which is why I keep coming back. You'd be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive training solution subscription package that covers all Cisco networking technologies at an incredible value.

  • Running through SD-WAN collection by Khawar before registering for the SDWAN300 exam. Impressed by the patience, overview and clarity provided by this man. From the start he already knows how to end, but keeps his students on track without jumping or distraction. Glad I signed up! Took and passed the 300-415 exam today! Thanks Khawar Butt for the excellent material and providing excellent explanation of the technology

  • Mr. Khawar, I know you receive countless emails of gratitude but here's one more. God has given you a gift of teaching. Clear, concise, and insanely thorough. You take complicated concepts that others struggle with reaching the intended audiences with and present it in a way where it just makes SENSE. Thanks a million for all that you do!

  • I have been following Khawar Butt training for a while now. I call him the Russell Peters of the tech world. If you are an inspiring Network Engineer join his classes. Khawar Butt has an uncanny ability to explain networking theory in the most ‘basic’ way so that you get it.

  • During the weekend I listened to SD-WAN Training from kbits.live and went through an excellent work book provided by KBITS.Thank You Khawar for excellent training videos. People who are new to Networking Platform also can understand and build their own SD-WAN lab. Khawar is one of the BEST Trainer. Thanks to #eve-ng for the BEST platform to make great designs.

  • Going through your SD-WAN course at the moment and it’s fantastic! Best thing is being able to lab it out! Thanks Khawar!

  • Khawar Butt Thank you for the awesome SD-WAN content and the workbook that comes with your videos. KBITS live was definitely worth it!

  • Finally achieved my Cisco SD-WAN certification. I would like to thank Cisco for giving access to the learning library .. At this moment I will not forget to mention Khawar Butt as without him it wasn’t possible .. Thanks Khawar Butt for a quality knowledge transfer, I haven't seen a dedicated instructor like you.

  • So last night I started the SD-WAN training from kbits.live and after a few videos into the training I decided to build my own lab. I am building an HP Z800 Workstation 12-Core 2.26GHz L5640 96Gig RAM 1T 7.2K SATA HD. Thank you Khawar for these awesome videos.

  • Khawar’s knowledge and level of experience is one of a kind, with a special talent to break down technology into chunks of information for a complete understanding of the topic. Khawar made the SD-WAN course clear and easy to understand and this allowed me to easily pass the Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation exam. Thank you Khawar and look forward to continuing with the EI and SP courses.

  • Passed the Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation exam. Thanks Khawar Butt for the great knowledge, I haven’t seen a dedicated instructor like you.

  • Thank you, Khawar Butt for your amazing classes in SD-WAN! and I expect the same knowledge in the SD-Access course as well.