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“Khawar is one of the greatest instructors I have come across. The depth of his knowledge and experience and his broad expertise across the various tracks makes the learning experience unmatched.”

Moe Choaib

KB’s students are at the world’s largest companies

Tata Consultancy Services
British Telecom

Learning Approach

Pick a learning style that suits you best — consuming instructor-led content at your own pace, practising what you learn in KCloud — a fully virtual environment with hundreds of labs, and engaging with peers and experts in the members-only forum.

5-Day Bootcamps

Bring yourself up-to-speed with intense 4-6 hour long daily classes over the course of a week that dives deep into a topic.

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Crack your next CCIE exam with track specific ~4-hour long live weekend sessions over 2-4 months where you learn everything you need to know.

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Over 900+ videos on different topics that let you explore, or revise a topic. The KB Learn Subscription is the easiest, and fastest, way to prep for the CCNPs. You also get discounts on bootcamps and CCIE track classes to help you on your continuous journey to upgrade your career.

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Complete Cisco Syllabus

Learn from KB — the world’s only Hepta CCIE + CCDE with 30+ years of experience training experts at the world’s leading organisations.

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Stay ahead of the curve with CCIE track live videos, study materials and labs on Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Data Center, Service Provider and the CCDE course.

  • KB-Led

    All live-classes and videos are taught by KB, and all training material has been created by KB.

  • Access to KCloud

    Complete workbooks for every topic and 500+ labs in a personal virtual environment that you can practise yourself.

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Khawar Butt
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Comprehensive and In-Depth

IPv4 / IPv6 Routing and Switching
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Data Center and Virtualization
Software Defined Networking
Enterprise Infrastructure

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