SD-WAN — Free First Class

Signup here to attend the first free SD-WAN class on Feb 11, 2024 at 1600 UTC / 11 am NY / 8 pm Dubai time. In this class KB will provide an overview of SD-WAN technology that covers the feature and advantages of SD-WAN along with the components that make up SD-WAN. In addition, he will also demonstrate these features and technologies on a fully functional SD-WAN architecture.

The class link will go live 15 mins before the class starts, please return here to attend the live class for free.



The course encompasses the implementation of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) version 20.9.4.

Khawar Butt offers detailed coverage of Cisco's SD-WAN, its components and implementations. You will be able to bring up the controllers from scratch, onboard WAN Edge (Cisco Catalyst 8000v devices), configure them using templates & deploy technologies like AAR, DIA. Multi-Service VPNs & TLOC Extension.

What’s included

  • Four classes running from Feb 11, 2024 to Mar 17, 2024 at 1600 UTC / 11 am NY / 8 pm Dubai time

  • The detailed online LIVE classes will last 4-5 hours each

  • The Course Workbook includes 37 labs

  • Each Lab will be demonstrated

  • Every purchase includes 30 KCloud hours to practice the labs

  • One-year access to class recordings and future SD-WAN LIVE classes included in the purchase


Subscribers sign-in for $350