KB CCDE — Free First Class

Starting, May 1 at 8 am New York / 4 PM Dubai time, KB will spend the 5 weekends teaching the CCDE Course. Signup here to attend the first class for free on April 24th. KB will give you a complete overview of the technologies that are going to be covered in the course as it pertains to CCDE Exam including the format and how to prepare for the exam. The class link will go live 15 mins before the class starts, please return here to attend the live class for free.



CCDE weekend Live Classes prepare you for the CCDE Practical Exam covering the Design Technologies required on the CCDE Lab Exam. The course covers the various Routing Protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSP, IS-IS & BGP) from a Design and Use-case perspective. MPLS & MPLS Applications with MPLS VPNs, MPLS QoS and MPLS Traffic Engineering and their Design implementations are also covered. An In-depth discussion about the Design of Private WANs using several available technologies like SD-WAN, DMVPN, GET VPN, Flex VPN will also be discussed. Other Design topics like Security, Wireless and Automation are also covered. The class will also involve the students going through two mock scenarios.

What’s included

  • Five Sunday classes running from May 1 till May 29 at 1200 UTC / 8 am New York / 4 pm Dubai time

  • The detailed online LIVE classes will last 3-4 hours each

  • The Resources include technology overviews and 2 Mock Scenarios

  • One-year access to class recordings and future CCDE Live classes included in the purchase


Subscribers sign-in for $350