The SD WAN Bootcamp

KB goes over what he intends to cover in the SD-WAN Bootcamp that starts next week:

5-day Live Class Dubai 8pm onwards



The course encompasses the implementation of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) version 20.9.4.

Khawar Butt offers detailed coverage of Cisco's SD-WAN, its components and implementations. You will be able to bring up the controllers from scratch, onboard WAN Edge (Cisco Catalyst 8000v devices), configure them using templates & deploy technologies like AAR, DIA. Multi-Service VPNs & TLOC Extension.

What’s included

  • Four classes running from Feb 11, 2024 to Mar 17, 2024 at 1600 UTC / 11 am NY / 8 pm Dubai time

  • The detailed online LIVE classes will last 4-5 hours each

  • The Course Workbook includes 37 labs

  • Each Lab will be demonstrated

  • Every purchase includes 30 KCloud hours to practice the labs

  • One-year access to class recordings and future SD-WAN LIVE classes included in the purchase


Subscribers sign-in for $350