KB CCIE Wireless


Enhance your career with our CCIE Wireless Live Classes and get ready to ace the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam with confidence. Our comprehensive course offers hands-on experience in the implementation of Wireless networks using both a Controller-Based setup using WLC and Autonomous AP setups. You will also learn how to integrate ISE with WLCs, WLAN Media and applications like Cisco Prime, CMX, and DNAC. Every concept will be brought to life through engaging lab demonstrations. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practical skills in a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

What’s included

  • Fifteen Saturday classes running from Feb 18th till May 27th at 1200 UTC / 7 am New York / 4 pm Dubai time

  • The detailed online LIVE classes will last 3-4 hours each

  • The Workbook contains 100+ Labs

  • Each Lab will be demonstrated

  • One-year access to class recordings and future CCIE Wireless Live classes included in the purchase


Subscribers sign-in for $500


Upon course completion, students will be able to:

  • Configuring the Wired Network for integration with a Wireless Network
  • Initializing, Configuring Basic & Advanced Features of WLCs
  • Integrating ISE with WLCs
  • Configuring WLCs for WLAN Media & Applications
  • Initializing, Configuring Autonomous Access Points
  • Configuring WLCs using Cisco Prime
  • Configuring CMX
  • Configuring a Wireless network using DNAC


Before attending the course, the students should have a CCNP Level Routing Knowledge & understanding basic Wireless concepts

Class Outline


Wired Campus Technologies

  • Trunking & VLAN
  • STP
  • EtherChannels
  • Trunking & VLAN
  • Routing - Static Routing, Basic EIGRP & Basic OSPF
  • Multicast Routing
  • IP Services (DHCP, NTP, SNMP)
  • Management Protocols (Telnet & SSH)

Implementing Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC) using AireOS

  • WLC Interfaces & Ports
  • WLC-AP Discovery & Registration
  • Authentications-RADIUS & Local
  • CWA Portals-Hotspots
  • Mobility Groups
  • Guest WLANs
  • AP Groups
  • Flex Connect

Configuring ISE

  • CLI & Administrative Configs
  • Certificates
  • Network Devices
  • Authentication Policies
  • Authorization Policies
  • Device Administration using TACACS+
  • CWA Portals-Hotspots
  • CWA Portals-Sponsored Guest Access

Configuring WLAN & Media Application

  • Wireless Voice
  • Wireless QoS
  • Videostream Application Configuration
  • mDNS
  • AVC and Netflow
  • Fastlane

Configuring Wireless networks using Autonomous APs (AAP)

  • AAP-Servicing Clients using Open & PSK Mechanisms
  • AAP-EAP Associations
  • AAP-Root / Non-Root Configurations
  • AAP-Root / Workgroup Bridge Configurations

Configuring Wireless Devices using Cisco Prime

  • Prime CLI Configurations
  • Maps
  • Adding Device to PI
  • Device Configuration Templates
  • Management via ISE

Configuring CMX

  • CMX-Basic Configs
  • CMX-Detect & Locate

Configuring Wireless Networking using DNAC in a SDA environment

  • SDA Basics
  • DNAC Basic Configurations
  • Managing WLCs in a Non-Fabric Environment
  • SDA with Fabric Only Design